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Titel: How to eliminate a cockroach pest
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Hello friends happy day, I tell you that eliminating curachas is not an easy task. These insects, or more specifically, blasts, have a great capacity to adapt to different types of situations and places and to survive, which is the biggest problem of this pest. In addition, when they manage to enter a home they don't do it alone, but they do it in colonies. It is essential to have a good order and hygiene in your home to finally eliminate cockroaches. It is recommended that you vacuum frequently through those places that we could call the most complicated. Under the sofas, the gaps between the cabinets or bedside tables, the wall, etc. It is also important to vacuum carpets and pillows.

Sealing all the gaps that may remain between a bathtub and a wall, sinks or showers is essential to prevent them from nesting there.
Another factor that can attract them is moisture, if you keep both bathrooms and kitchen dry you will avoid the risk... For more information I invite you to this site roaches ( I wait outside your interest  ;).